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Practical Driving Test Tips - Seat
Problem Reason Solution
The seat is too high / low for you Maybe you didn’t realise there was a height adjustment Use the lever / wheel to adjust (describe for your vehicle). Use a cushion if necessary
The seat-back is angled too far back / forward Perhaps you’re unsure how to position / adjust it Use the lever / wheel...(describe as necessary) so that with both hands meeting at the top of the wheel your arms are slightly bent
You haven’t adjusted your seat properly Because you haven’t moved it back / forward enough Use the adjustment lever (describe for your specific vehicle. Also, if it hasn’t already been checked ensure the handbrake is securely on)
You let the seat-belt fly back when you released it Perhaps you’re unaware of the reasons it’s best not to do that Hold the buckle as you press the release button and feed the belt back to its resting place
Your seat is moving backwards and forwards freely Because you haven’t steadied yourself while you make the adjustment Hold the steering wheel with one hand to steady yourself while you use the seat adjuster
Your seat-belt is twisted Because you didn’t check as you put it on Look at it as you put it on and make sure it’s flat
You’re adjusting the wrong part of the seat Because you’re not using the correct lever / wheel Use the wheel / lever down by the right hand side of the seat (advise to suit vehicle)
You’ve plugged your seat-belt into the anchor point on my side You probably didn’t realise why it’s important to use the appropriate anchor point Check that you’re putting your seat-belt into your anchor point