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Practical Driving Test Tips - Meeting Approaching Traffic
Problem Reason Solution
You didn’t act on what you saw in the mirrors Because you weren’t sure what to do Act sensibly on the information from your mirrors - this could involve braking / positioning earlier
You got too close to the obstruction before moving out Because you edged forward / moved forward slowly Remain stationary until the situation has cleared
You positioned too far out / too close to the kerb Because you were unsure where to position yourself Position the car about half way out imagine the middle of your car lining up with the right-hand side of the obstruction
You rushed into that meet situation Because you didn’t plan ahead Read the road well ahead, as far as you can see, and then scan back from side to side. The earlier you can see the situation developing, the earlier you can start planning
You rushed into that meet situation Because you wanted to beat the oncoming traffic Hold back and assess the situation. What about if the other driver also rushed into it hoping to beat you?
You rushed into that meet situation Because you thought you had priority Assess the situation each time. Don’t assume that other traffic will give way to you, even if you do, in theory, have priority
You rushed into that meet situation Because you felt pressured by traffic behind Check mirrors and be prepared to reduce speed earlier if traffic is following closely. Remain calm and don’t panic
You rushed into that meet situation Because you didn’t match your speed to that of the conditions Match your speed to suit the situation - less space / vision, less speed
You stopped too close to the parked vehicle / obstruction Because you were unsure where to stop Hold back about 1 - 2 car lengths from the obstruction
You went into a meet situation without checking mirrors first Because you forgot / were mesmerised by oncoming traffic / stared at the approaching vehicle Check mirrors as soon as you see the meet situation developing, and then glance at them as you approach
You were hesitant in that meet situation Because you were unsure what to do Be positive, though not pushy, make your plans early and follow them through. Talk yourself (either out loud or in your mind) through the situation using the MSM routine