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Practical Driving Test Tips - Exterior Mirrors
Problem Reason Solution
You didn’t adjust the exterior mirror(s) correctly Maybe you’re unsure about how to do that Position the mirror(s) (explain how) so that you get a good view to the rear and side of the vehicle, not pointing up to the sky or down to the ground
You haven’t adjusted the mirrors at all Because you were leaning towards / away from the mirror(s) Adjust them after assessing their positioning from your normal seating position, sitting squarely in your seat, facing the front
You haven’t adjusted the mirrors at all Because you did the safety routine out of sequence Adjust the mirrors once your seat is positioned correctly
You haven’t adjusted the mirrors at all Perhaps you forgot Use the sequence DSSSM, say it to yourself, to ensure you carry out each aspect of the safety routine
You haven’t adjusted the mirrors at all Because you didn’t think they were important Check the alignment of the door mirrors every time you get in the car and adjust as necessary