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Click through stats to your website are now available in the members area. Please bear in mind that visiting your website is not the only way a potential pupil can make contact with you. They can also:

  1. Phone
  2. Email you from your listing
  3. Initiate a ‘Text Call Back’ enquiry
  4. Utilise the Crash Course or Driving Lesson Enquiry Service

These visits to your website are from potential pupils looking for driving lessons in your town and are therefore highly targetted leads. If they are not converting to actual enquiries/pupils, you may wish investigate how to improve the conversion rate of your website.

To maximise conversion from your listing, please ensure that you have:

  1. Listed ALL the towns and villages you cover – this is very, very important. Please advise us from the pre-formatted email link that will appear after you have updated your listing if you do this so that new pages are built for any new towns. It is only one click.
  2. Uploaded an image/graphic of you/your car/logo etc. People’s eyes are attracted to images.
  3. Written something compelling in the ‘School Information’ section of your listing. Give the visitor a good reason to check out your website or to make contact with you otherwise they may just click on somone elses listing.
  4. List the post codes you cover in the ‘Counties Covered‘ section of your listing. The directory is driven by town names as that is what the majority of people search for. However, some people will use a post code – give them a chance to find your listing.

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