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Answer 1

The Question should be, Why are some Instructors so cheap? Do not be fooled to think you are “necessarily” saving money by choosing the cheapest!Instructors that are charging more for lessons are often giving better value for money and do not give big discounts as they are giving better quality lessons which save you money in the long term as you will generally need fewer lessons.Do you’re homework before committing yourself ask people who have had or are taking lessons their opinion, Ask when making inquiries what you are will be learning/doing on your first few lessons or you might find you spend most of the time sat in a car going nowhere!

Answer 2

Either :-

a) Because they genuinely feel that they provide a service of a quality that merits it – a good instructor will minimise the number of lessons you need whilst at the same time maximising your safety – even after passing your test.

b) They work for a company that has a fixed pricing structure

c) the market in their area is such that they can ask for a higher rate. An example of this being automatics – the scarcity of automatic instructors allows them to charge a premium.

Answer 3

Most instructors will charge what they think their expertize is worth. To find the best for you ask other pupils of the instructors, if there are none walk away.

Answer 4

Some instructors charge more due to different factors

The amount going out from the business to pay for advertising. The bigger the company the more the cost
The amount of instructors in the company (More wages to pay out)
Whether the company is VAT registered or not
Some company’s will have a franchise deal where they will provide an instructor with a car and they obviously have to cover the costs rather than the instructor himself. This will reflect in the franchise price package to the instructor. If an instructor supplies his own car, he will have a smaller franchise fee.
Smaller one man company’s can run on lower costs as they operate on “word of mouth ” or recommendations from previous successful pupils.

I hope this will helps.
More information: http://www.the-instructor.com

Answer 5 

Some are private instructors who have there own business and some work for national schools. I would recommend that providing they have green ADI badge on display in there windscreen, then provided your happy with your instructor and the car for tuition the this would be the best deal for you.
More information: http://www.excelaratedrivingschoolcoleshill.co.uk

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