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Answer 1

My name is Jane and I am a driving instructor and read your question, which is quite difficult to answer, but i’ll try. If you have been learning for a year and had 80 lessons then i am assuming you started with two a week and have dropped to one? This will take you longer as you will find with a whole week passing between lessons it is easy to forget what you learnt the week before and may have to re-cap on it. Each time you change instructor you are loosing time already spent on each subject as the instructor has to cover the syllabus and make sure you have been taught correctly…..so try not to change as that will help you get there quicker..as long as you like and get on well with your instructor!

After 80 lessons you should not be too far off from a test but each individual is different. Basically to be test standard you should be able to drive your instructor round for the hour lesson with an OCCASIONAL prompt …. you should be able to do all the exercises on your own.When you can do this consistently ( i.e every lesson ) and safely then you should be ready for your test. Hope this helps Jane M & M Driving School

Answer 2

There is a big difference between driving and driving to test standard. What your instructor is saying is that you are able to move a car about, but not to what the DSA regard as a safe standard.

Typical ‘failings’ include simply not looking (over 51% of test fails according to the DSA), speeding, mounting the kerb (on manoeuvres normally).

The sad fact is that many people who do have a licence fail to adhere to the safe system they have been taught – hence we still kill around 3,000 people a year in the roads in the UK alone.

Driving is the 3rd most dangerous (likely to kill you) job in the UK. Only Deep sea fishing and mining kill more each year.

Answer 3

What you need to find out is exactly what it is that you are not up to test standard on. Is it junctions, i.e. roundabouts or anticipation and planning, when you find out exactly what it is that you are not up to test standard on then you can start working towards a goal, it can take longer for some then others, but ask what is keeping you back.
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More information: http://www.lrnsafe.co.uk

Answer 4

Unfortunately it is not possible to say how long any individual will take to reach test standard. However, a good driving instructor will be able to provide you with two mechanisms to monitor your own progress.
1) They will maintain a record card or list. This is a list of skills and topics that you need to master in order to be able to pass your test. For each skill or topic, there will be a rating skill, the one I use is the AA’s 5 point scale from 1 Introduced to 5 Independent. When you have reached 5 in all skills and topics, you are ready to sit your test. If you find you are not making progress with your record card, you need to have a serious chat with your instructor as to how to get out of the rut. The DSA is talking about making record cards compulsory. It is good practice for the pupil to keep a copy of the record card so that if they change instructor for any reason, the new instructor knows where to start from.
2) Get the instructor to give you a mock test. The instructor will play the part of the examiner and mark you on a lesson that simulates the test as accurately as possible. This often gives both the pupil and the instructor an idea of strengths and weaknesses and going over issues that come up in a mock test often helps both pupil and instructor know what is required to move forward.

David Cruickshank, www.daves-driving.com

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