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When it comes to the time to book your driving theory test, most are likely to use a search engine to find the correct web page/site to make an online booking or to obtain contact details to make a telephone booking.

Beware! There are a number of websites that you can use to book a theory test with the DSA but these are third parties and they will charge you an additional fee in addition to the standard fee for the test.

Here is a story that has highlighted the problem – the website referred to has been fined £85,000 by the premium rate phoneline regulator PhonepayPlus:

Here’s a horribly sneaky way to rip off people booking their driving theory test online.

The website book-theory-test-online.co.uk offered a “Pass Protection Guarantee Scheme”. This was supposed to cover the cost of a re-take if you failed the theory test the first time round.

“With our pass protection guarantee you don’t need to worry – we’ll pay for a second test if you fail the first one!” it crowed.

via Book-theory-test-online.co.uk fined £85,000 for ripping off drivers – Andrew Penman – Mirror Online.

When you want to book your theory test, do so directly on the Governments official website. You will then only pay the standard fee and should you need to make a telephone call, you will not be charged exorbitant prices:https://www.gov.uk/book-a-driving-theory-test

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