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Many people feel that hourly lessons go on and on forever and that is sometime when they decide to consider an intensive driving course

Remember that when considering intensive driving courses, deposits are generally not transferable. Courses often run from 4 to 10 days in total and depending on your ability you can choose which course you like the look of. Taking part in a driving crash course can often confine those pesky L plates to the bin once quite quickly.

Normally an assessment lesson will take place from your own home prior to agreeing the term of a crash course. The instructor will be able to assess your full ability and give you a complete package and price.

Such a crash course need to be planned by passing a theory test and then booking a driving test and arranging intensive driving lessons to start and finish just before the planned test date.

When deciding on an intensive course pupils usually decide to do one of two things: do all their lessons intensively over the course of a week or two or alternatively, they do a semi-intensive course in the weeks running up to the test. This can often be the more beneficial option, as it allows more time for the information that is taught in the lessons to be taken on board and to sink in. Pupils who take intensive driving course usually have good reasons to learn this way i.e. a new job requires you to drive or perhaps going to university.


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