Driving Schools Directory

With the Driving Schools Directory Free Browser Toolbar you can:

  • See the latest pupils and their towns that are looking for driving lessons.
  • Check out the latest news and what's changing at the Driving Schools Directory.
  • Links to the important areas of the website for easy access.
  • Check for emails. Email Notifier automatically informs you when a new message has arrived to any of your webmail or POP3 accounts. This prevents you from having to check accounts manually and can notify you about messages in multiple email accounts that you have.
  • Gadgets - Watch live TV. Play games, make handy notes and much more. You can add more gadgets or get rid those you don't wish to use.
  • Listen to a radio station of your choice, streaming direct to your browser.
  • Internet Search Box.
  • Easy to install and uninstall.

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