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UK Petrol PricesWith the exorbitant cost of petrol these day’s (and the many years that I have found myself paying for such!), many use a car sharing scheme. That could be traveling to and from work or simply new drivers taking their friends on a trip but sharing the cost of the petrol.

Whilst it is easy to calculate the miles with the simple press of the odometer reset button, working out the actual cost of the petrol can be a little more cumbersome. Even when you have mastered that, the constant petrol price changes will have you reaching for the calculator time and time again.

I have come across a website that will do all that for you. Simply enter your trip distance or your start and ending point and the cost of your petrol consumption will be displayed. Tell it how many people are sharing and it will even show you the cost for each person.

It may be worth bookmarking this on your phone if you are likely to share the cost of the petrol price:

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