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There has been talk about using motorways as part of the ‘Learning to Drive’ process for a very long time. There are clearly many benefits to this as motorway’s can be quite a stressful experience for a lot of new drivers and that, together with the anxiety it produces and inexperience can lead to dangerous situations on the UK’s fastest roads.

Indeed, over the weekend I was behind a ‘young’ motorist entering a motorway at a little under 50 mph – the motorway was not ‘clogged up’ and its traffic was a lot faster than this. Naturally it did cause braking, accelerating and lane changing on a last minute basis which can be the recipie for a ‘nasty moment’.

The Institiute of Advaced Motorists continues to apply the pressure for change:

Let learner drivers use motorways

“With a Green Paper on learning to drive due to be published later this month, the IAM IScalling on the Government to ensure any new system includes allowing supervised L drivers onto our motorways. Motorways are our safest roads and many countries¬†…Messenger Newspapers”


Perhaps the answer is to leave the current learner training as is but new drivers not being allowed on motorways until an approved course of instruction has been undertaken. I guess though, there will then be the arguments “we are nowhere near a motorway”. Not an easy problem to solve so I would imagine the discussions will go on, and on, and……

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