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So Easter is upon us, and if you live in a tourist hot spot and are learning to drive, like the Rapid Results Driving School pupils who take their driving lessons in Bournemouth, be prepared for impatience from other drivers. Any learner knows the importance of keeping up with traffic, getting up to speed limits and assisting the flow of traffic by not being unduly hesitant, so this time of year is a great time to practice this. Everyone else on the road wants to get from A to B as quickly as they can, and nobody likes sitting in a traffic jam, especially on a hot day. So please, if you are out practising or having lessons over Easter, practice your defensive driving skills!


Stopping distances can be up to TEN times longer when driving in snow and ice conditions. Remember to leave plenty of space around you.


At last the Bradford Eccleshill Test Centre is re-locating to Thornbury. This seems to have been going on for years.
I for one will recomend that pupils avoid early morning tests, Thornbury roundabout can be a pig.


Its nice to see the drivers of Rotherham getting to grips with the new markings on the old B&Q roundabout in Rotherham.Although I have noticed one of the lane markers are wrong. When you are travelling from the Greasbrough (A6123) after you have passed the first exit (A630N) the middle lane says you can take the 3rd exit (A630S) and the (A629) 4th exit. The right hand lane says you can also take the 3rd exit (A630S) and the (A629) 4th exit. Therefore if you turn right from the middle lane and follow the road ahead from the right lane. Watch out all you learners for that one !!!!!!


Joe’s Driver Training – Ballymena

Almost every driving school in Ballymena offers a free local pick up service.You may want to consider the best place to get picked up.

If you live 15 minutes outside Ballymena and your driving lessons are at the stage where you need experience in town driving, the time spent travelling (30 minutes) is not going to be much benefit.

The best value solution might be to get picked up from work or school, or you may sometimes have other reasons to be in Ballymena. Why not make arrangements with your driving instructor to get picked up in town?

When you study for the theory test it is important to use the most up to date materials including the latest edition of The Official Highway Code for Northern Ireland.

Not all driving schools offer this free service, those who do can save you time and money by suppling all the relevant study materials to prepare you for the theory/hazard perception test.Books, discs, official highway code and questionnaires are free to take home as long as they are returned in good condition when you pass the theory test.

Remember to discuss any difficulties you may be having with your driving instructor each time you meet. The benefits of using this free service are,that you can be sure the materials you are using are latest editions to prepare you fully to pass the theory test first time.

Be sure to take the preparation for the theory test seriously, it is an important part of becoming a safe and confident road user.

Read the highway code thoroughly to understand the rules and explanations.Aim to pass first time as failure results in the expense of another test fee and the time spent waiting for another test date.

Book 5 driving lessons/hours or more to get a discount, this offer is very popular everywhere among driving schools, Ballymena included, you can pay for driving lessons in advance to get discounts.

The downside of block booking is that if you are not happy with your driving instructor, you may have to stay with them until you have taken all the hours.

The solution is to take the 1st one or two driving lessons at the pay as you go rate, when you are sure that you are happy with your driving instructor block book the next 5 driving lessons and get a discount, your driving instructor will be happy to do this.

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Joe’s Driver Training – Ballymena

Driving schools love referrals! it is the most effective way to gain customers.
If you have friends who also want to learn to drive, ask your driving instructor about referral rewards.

When you recommend a friend to your driving instructor, you and your friend each receive a discount!
The more friends you can recommend, the more money you save on your driving lessons!

A standard driving lesson lasts for one hour but this does not always have to be the case.

Many driving schools will offer discounts for longer driving lessons, if you pay as you go for your driving lessons, ask your driving instructor about longer driving lessons and what discounts are available.

Private practise can be a massive benefit as long as every outing is treated as a driving lesson.

Family or friends who are at least 21 years old and have held a full driving licence for three years or more can supervise you while you practise.The car you use must be road legal, taxed and insured for you to drive.

Care needs to be taken in case bad driving habits are being developed, any misunderstandings should be discussed with your driving instructor.

Try not to be tempted to take the practical driving test or theory test until you are sure you are fully prepared, your driving instructor is aware of the standard needed to pass, and should guide you in relation to areas that are not up to the required standard.

It is better to take an extra driving lesson to deal with an area you may be weak in, than chance that weakness being exposed on test resulting in failure. Re-tests cost more money!

Safe driving should be considered a skill for life and not just to pass a test, aquiring a full driving licence can be expensive, but it also opens a wide range of opportunities and places the licence holder in a position of responsibility to other road users and also the law.

Learning to drive should be enjoyable, who you choose to take you through this experience will not only effect how much money it is going to cost, but also how enjoyable and how successful your experience will be in the end, this is why it is important to choose a driving instructor that is right for you!

For more advice on how to save money on driving lessons visit: www.joesdrivertraining.co.uk


When parking in a bay (in a supermarket or normal car park) the safest way to park is to reverse into the bay. It really is easier to reverse in. Before you start to revere have a Good look all round, Finish looking the way you are going to turn the steering. (ie finish looking over left shoulder if you are reversing left into the bay).If your mirrors are set correctly you WILL NOT see the vehicle on your left. If you can’t see the
vehicle on the left you can’t hit it.If you can see the vehicle you may be to close, Don’t forget to check the right mirror as you move back.
Providing you have positioned your car correctly you can move back but turn full lock to the left IMMEDIATLY & you should get into the bay first time.
For any further advice email [email protected] for an immediate reply


Avoiding motor vehicle collisions is actually a question of thinking about how to perform the essentials. After getting behind the wheel for any length of moment without an accident almost all drivers begin to depend on instinct and the confidence that they are a really good drive. The fact is that that may possibly not be the case at all, they might have just been fortunate.

When backing out of a parking spot, it is essential to not just inspect to the left and right to see if a vehicle is approaching, but to also always check right behind you and be sure that the motor vehicle behind you doesn’t select that point in time to back out of his parking spot. You also have to be aware of shoppers walking behind your motor vehicle, especially young ones that have raced in advance of their parents and will possibly not be easily noticed over the rear of your car or truck.

Whenever you are waiting for the red light to turn green know to hang on a second after the light turns before moving into the intersection. Inevitably there will be another person coming from the left or right who tries to speed thru on the tail-end of the yellow light or a whole lot worse thinks that if the car in front has time to make it thru the yellow that it means they can. Usually the light turns just as they are getting into the intersection and if you are chomping at the bit to get going as soon as you get the green, you could readily get yourself in a bad mishap.

Whenever you are at an intersection waiting to turn right, the instinct is to look for traffic on its way from the left and then to just commence your right turn without a final check in that course. The fact is that, many accidents happen simply because something has changed to the right; like a pedestrian walking into the crosswalk or a motor vehicle from the right making a U-turn into your lane or even a vehicle pulling out of a parking lot just around the corner. If you turn without checking first there could be a sudden mishap and it would be your fault.

Don’t be in such a rush to pull out into traffic that you hurry out as soon as an oncoming car or truck passes without knowing for certain that it is not towing a low trailer behind it. The low tow can be dangerous if you are in a rush.

When you are changing lanes in traffic you need to be sure that you really turn your head and glance back over your shoulder for a vehicle that may well be perched in the blind spot of your rearview mirror. That has happened too many times to count; that after a quick look in the rearview mirror I would only do a actual head turn as I was really starting to switch lanes. Luckily, there’s never been an catastrophe, but it has been close a couple of times.

When you drive through residential neighborhoods where cars and trucks are parked on the roadwayslow. Young children and animals are not pondering about you when they chase their toy or each other into the street. With no notice at all they can burst from between parked cars into the road in front of you, if you are proceeding too fast you are not going to be able to stop in time. Regrettably even going slow doesn’t ensure that there won’t be a traumatic events. So slow down and watch when driving a car thru neighborhoods.

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Driving the speed limit often means driving at a high rate, which can be dangerous if your tyre develops a rupture. Even the most seasoned motorists will feel fear as they struggle to control the car.

Depending on the severity of the puncture you may still have limited control over the vehicle, which will allow you to stop the car safely and in a position where it does not cause a hazard to other road users.

As soon as you suspect that one of the tyres has developed a puncture you need to fight the natural initial instinct to brake sharply and pull over to the side of the road as soon as possible. Instead stay calm, take a firm grip on the steering wheel and avoid using any harsh steering or braking inputs and allow your speed to gently decrease naturally.

It can be trying to steer your car when you are at high speed with a hole in the tyre. By reacting too quickly you can cause a spin out due to the force placed on the car. The tyre will also have a loose grip on the road. After speed has been reduced it is much easier to move the vehicle off the road and allow it to stop naturally.

With your vehicle safely stopped at the side of the road and with your hazard lights on, you should only attempt to change the flat tyre yourself if it will not put you or other road users at risk. Do not attempt to change a tyre yourself on a motorway, even if it is on the nearside, as it could be the last thing you ever do, instead notify the rescue services and they will despatch a recovery service to assist you.

When it is safe to change the tyre on the road you will need to get all mechanical equipment to change the tyre out of the car as well as anyone else in the car. The parking brake should be set. Any lights you have in the car can help you see the tyre more clearly especially during dusk or late evening. Always have your hazard coat on to allow any motorist to see you.

Your cars owner manual will list the safety points for where to place the jack. Before jacking up the wheel secure the vehicle on the jack in the appropriate location.

When re-tightening the nuts after replacing the wheel always make sure you tighten them in opposite pairs, to ensure the wheel is fixed securely against the axel face, before driving off again.

Being stranded at the side of the road can be a stressful experience for any motorist especially at night, so make sure you are visible to other drivers by leaving your Sidelight Car Bulbs on. It is also a good idea to consider installing Upgrade Car Light Bulbs, which will make your vehicle more visible at night.


Your vision at night is reduced not only because you are exhausted, but also a lack of light, which makes it tough for you to avoid possible dangers or other motorists. There is one great thing about night motoring, though, and that is less traffic on the streets, providing you with more liberty when driving.

Before setting out for a night drive it is a good idea to check that your headlights are clean and function correctly. This is also true, and a legal requirement, for your sidelights as well as your number plate lights. Headlight alignment is very important as incorrectly aligned headlights can irritate or dazzle other road users. If you suspect your headlights are misaligned arrange for them to be tested and reset by a qualified auto mechanic.

Any time you have items in your back seat or boot which are heavy your headlights could increase in height. Drivers will certainly find this troublesome, but with the adjustment switch inside your vehicle you can modify where the headlights are pointing.

Your vehicle lights should be turned on when the street lights are on. During grey days or unfavourable weather you should have your headlamps on. Any time there is a low light it is a good idea to have your headlamps on. Dark coloured vehicles can be more difficult to see by others; therefore your lights can help make other drivers be aware that you are on the road.

Dipped beam headlamps should be used at night, unless you are on a street with low or no light. In this instance your main beams should be used. Your bright lights can distract other drivers, pedestrians, or motorcyclists. You should switch them off when you approach another car, person, motorcycle, or bicycle.

Anytime you follow another vehicle the dipped beam head lights need to be used. When you feel you need to pass another vehicle be aware that your sight can be reduced and illusions can be created by shadows. Dips or curves in the road can be particularly difficult as you pass another vehicle.

There are some things you can do to prevent the effects hazards can cause on your visibility. A person driving at night tends to be drawn to lights, especially headlights. You can avoid this feeling by looking to the left of the oncoming lights.

Dirt, road grime, or grease on your windscreen may create an optical illusion that is both dangerous and annoying. Chips and cracks can change the refraction of the light as well. It is best to change your rear view mirror to night driving setting, in order to lessen the impact of other vehicles behind you. You also need to consider when you might need to slow down on a bend or at a junction as lights may affect you.

Motorists driving during the night should be unworried about the dangers, and instead enjoy the experience of open roads without traffic.

Due to the lack of ambient light when night driving it is important that you always fit the best car bulbs that you can afford. Because bulb technology has advanced considerably you can now install new H7 xenon bulbs that ensure that you can see much further into the darkness.

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