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We have started to upload software, videos and books to the members area. These free downloads will be of a general nature and use with the initial upload concentrating on tools and help for your web building and designing efforts.

They include:


Meta Whiz

Retail Value: $14.95

Brand New Software For Effective Search Engine Optimization!

Do your web pages display the correct Meta Tag Codes? If not, you could be losing out on higher search engine rankings.








•No Spam

•No Framing


•Resource Type

•Revisit After


Operating system requirements:

Windows Computer – Preferably Windows 95 and beyond. Windows XP, 95,98, NT, 2000 and ME. * Distribution file comes in the .exe format. If your computer does not allow you to execute an .exe file, then this package is not for you.

Family Finance Planner

Retail Value: $17.00

Family Finance Planner is a brand new, quick and easy software tool which can help you to manage your finances.

It will help you to track where your money is going, help you to make important financial decisions and work out how to save up for things you really want.

Here’s just some of the features of this amazing brand new software…

Comprehensive monthly home budget tracker allowing you to keep track of all your expenditure each month with a built-in feature to track how much over and under budget each item is, as well as automatically calculating all the totals for you.

Income/expenditure tracker to keep detailed records of your income and expenditure.

Yearly budget tracker allowing comprehensive data to be tracked over the period of a year, with automatic calculation of all totals.

Investment projection calculator to calculate how long you will need to save up before you can buy something you want, like a car, a holiday or a deposit for a house.

Car loan calculator to help you calculate whether you can really afford that new car you’ve always wanted.

Car Leasing/Purchase calculator to automatically calculate whether you would be better off buying or leasing a new car.

With all these powerful financial facilities at your disposal, you’ll soon be able to keep your bank account balanced, your bank manager off your back and work out how to afford things you really want!

Requirements Family Finance Planner is for use on PCs running Microsoft Windows. It also requires a spreadsheet program to be installed on your PC. Suitable software is included with the package. Alternatively if you already have Microsoft Office or another office package installed on your PC, you can use the office package spreadsheet program instead.


Retail Value: $19.95

AtomicFTP Client provides the perfect combination of performance, security, and ease-of-use for the active internet user and webmaster. Whether you are publishing a new Web site, downloading the latest digital images, music and software, or simply transferring large files between your home and office, AtomicFTP gets the job done quickly and easily every time.

Super Charged Linking

Retail Value: $19.95

With SuperChargedLinking, you can offer a place for others to post their link with the distinct advantage of knowing yours is in place FIRST, before they post theirs!

This amazing new technology takes the hours to verify you are getting a true reciprocal link, and automates this chore seamlessly and accurately. SuperChargedLinking is a simple, easy to use application you can install on your site that will ensure your link is indeed on your reciprocal link partner websites.

Videos and Books

Free Google Traffic
Retail Value: $24.95

Here’s a taster of how just one site is using these ‘hidden’ Google tactics to easily get tens of thousands of visitors for free:

This site has discovered an area of Google that gets a ton of traffic – but – where there’s not much competition… yet. This makes it pretty darn easy for them to get stacks of free traffic from Google.

This is just one out of many businesses quietly using the ‘hidden’ areas of Google to get mounds of free traffic.

Would you like to start benefiting with these Google traffic secrets too? Well…

These incredibly powerful yet very easy-to-follow Google traffic secrets come in the form of eight brand new videos you view directly at your computer. I’ve bundled these powerful videos into a product called How To Get A Lot More Google Traffic For Free:

How To Create Your Own Blog
Retail Value: $9.97

With How To Create Your Own Blog For Free you will get access to the following videos.

- Introduction and registration of your own blogger.com account

- Editing your profile

- Editing and customizing the “menu links”

- Posting messages on your blog

- How to ftp your blog files to your own server so that you can run the blog from your own domain name.

- Quick rundown on the basic settings of the blog system

Create your Own Web Site in 5 Days
Retail Value: $9.95

Discover How You Can Create Your Own Web Site in 5 Days

with video enhanced tutorials Use affordable tools and save a fortune!

Do you want your own business web site without having to spend thousands of dollars hiring someone to create one for you? Are you an online entrepreneur who’s just starting out without a thousand dollar budget?

How do you get hold of a professional business web site without having to burn a big hole in your wallet hiring a web developer to create one for you?

The magic answer : Do It Yourself! Learn how with this ebook.

Plus you will also get access to online movie clips that will show you exactly how it’s done. No more guessing. Just watch and follow. Simple.

Templates and Graphics

1600 Graphic images to use on your web sites.
306 Professional Web site Templates

Keep an eye open in your members area for more items!



A new Members Area has now been completed. Driving schools / instructors that have enhanced their listings will now be able to log into the members area to view and amend their listings. Also, they will be able to see the driving lesson and intensive driving course requests made by potential students that have requested this service from ourselves.

Please note that if you do pick up a pupils contact details and arange driving lessons, it has been agreed with them that the first lesson of normal driving lessons i.e. not an intensive driving course, will be at a 50% reduction.

For existing driving schools that have enhanced listings, please navigate to the members area and request your username and password from the Lost Password form.

There will be more added to the members area in due course. Watch this space!



I have been meaning to set this up for some time – I have finally got there!

The idea of the blog is to announce the latest news and changes within the driving schools directory web site. We will start with this blog!

Also, driving schools and instructors will be able to announce their own news stories such as a special offer for driving lessons or perhaps their latest first time pass success or even a driving test pass with no minor faults!

Why would you wish to do that? Well, within your post or announcement you should include the URL or web address of your web site. These blogs get pinged all over the web and to all sorts of sites thereby providing you with another back link(s) to your web site. Is that important? You bet it is! The more back links you can get to your web site, the more important the search engines believe your web site is and thereby improving your search engine results and rankings.

Watch this space!


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