Driving Schools Directory

The directory was built and published in November 2005. The idea was conceived by a working driving instructor (ADI) whilst trying to obtain links to his own personal driving school web site to increase it's popularity.

It was found that there were not too many dedicated directories serving the driver training market and most of the directories that existed simply pulled information from a database.  Why pay for a service like that when it would be unlikely that your driving school would be found by a search engine?

What is unique about this directory is that for enhanced listings, actual hard coded pages for the towns your driving schools operate within are built and published i.e. not a machine produced page with a database entry populating it. As the pages are static your entry should stand a greater chance of being found and indexed by the major search engines.

We also wished to produce a directory that was clear and easy to find the information YOU want.

We are always open to suggestions / feedback about this site whether it is good or bad. Everyone can always improve! Please feel free to send an email as we would like to hear from you.

Mark Smith,
Driving Schools Directory